Skin Liqueur Cosmetics is an innovative skin care and cosmetic line that caters to all skin types. Our main objective is SKIN CARE 1st!  We offer trendy, vibrant shades of flawless coverage that goes on like 2nd skin.  Our beauty brand products are made with the highest quality ingredients.  They go on smooth and silky for matchless, effortless coverage. 


Skin Liqueur Skin Care is for everyone who aspires to have flawless skin.  The Skin Liqueur woman wants more than just a makeup cover up:  She wants products that are constantly working to refresh and restore her skin’s natural beauty.   

  • She’s the teenager experiencing mild acne outbreaks at the most awkward times of her life. 

  • She’s the party girl who is always in the mix with the hottest trends in colors, styles and fashion. 

  • She’s an everyday woman who wants an easy, lightweight product that feels as natural as second skin.

  • She’s the fabulous jetsetter whose days are full of business moves that make it happen. She requires a long-lasting makeup with staying power, because every moment counts.

  • She’s the mature woman who wants to preserve her youthful beauty. 


The Skin Liqueur woman is YOU!